Professional Home Cleaning Services

The Choice is Yours

We offer a choice of TWO ongoing Home Cleaning Services:

Basic Service or Premium Service 

Both our Basic and Premium services begin with an initial deep cleaning and are performed by our staff of home care professionals who become familiar with your home and your preferences. Years of experience have shown us that an initial deep cleaning is essential to your satisfaction. That’s why both our Basic Service and our Premium Service begin with an initial deep cleaning of your home.

This initial deep cleaning takes many hours of concentrated labor, depending upon the service you select. Think about it – Wouldn’t it take at least a full weekend for you to REALLY clean your home? Sign up for our One-Year service agreement offer and get a floor-to-ceiling FREE Deep Cleaning! Our company can give you what you want: the personal touch of a private housekeeper backed by the reliability of a licensed, bonded, and insured company.

For over 36 years we have been fully committed to using only non-toxic, allergen-free, and eco-friendly cleaning products and methods for our service. You’ll never have to worry about harsh chemicals in your home environment that could be a potential danger to you and your loved ones, while still having an exceptionally clean home.

If we break it, we buy it. 

If you're going to trust a company to clean your home, why not have one that's been doing it since 1987?

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