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Home Cleaning Tips for a Happy Thanksgiving

//Home Cleaning Tips for a Happy Thanksgiving

Home Cleaning Tips for a Happy Thanksgiving

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving, your to-do list may seem endless.

Aside from preparing a feast for your loved ones, you have to get the house in tip-top shape as quickly as possible!

Here are our favorite tips to get your home ready to share and enjoy in no time!

Make Some Space:

Clear out some space in a hall closet and make room for guest’s coats and purses. Experienced hosts know how to avoid an embarrassing moment- trying to shove guests personal effects into a messy space: plan ahead!


Stock the Bathroom:

Make sure whatever restrooms are available to guests are stocked with extra toilet paper, hand soap, and clean hand towels. This one is a no-brainer when it comes to preparing your home for your guests comfort!


Be Spot-Free:

Pay special attention to the silverware and dishes guests will be using. Sitting down to a beautiful meal with dishes looking less that spotless is an easy issue to prevent.


Start With a Clean Slate:

Run and empty the dishwasher before guests arrive, allowing an easy post-meal cleanup. You don’t want to spend time away from your guests doing the dishes after the meal, and a kitchen packed with dirty dishes isn’t appealing to anyone.


Your Last Cleaning Step:

Sweep and vacuum the house last. There’s nothing worse than spending valuable time performing this task early on, only to find the floors needing retouching later! Make this your final cleaning chore, ensuring the floors are as clean as possible when guests arrive.


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