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Fall is Coming: Time to Get Clean!

//Fall is Coming: Time to Get Clean!

Fall is Coming: Time to Get Clean!

With Summer coming to an end, colder weather is beginning to creep closer….  

This is a very important time to get your home clean, and many of these cleaning tasks are not only better to do before the rain and snow approach, but they can save you money in the long run- only a well oiled machine runs smoothly!

Here are a few tips for a thorough house cleaning you are sure to appreciate through the winter months:



  • ROOF GUTTERS:  The best time and easiest way to manually clean your gutters is the day after a light rain. The slightly damp leaves, dirt, and debris will come up easier when slightly dampened. Most leaves and gunk will accumulate at the drain outlets, so start cleaning there.

    * PRO-TIP: Gutter cleaning can be dirty work- wear eye protection!  Also, be sure you have someone steady the ladder, and don’t forget to wear quality gloves!

  • BEDROOMS & LIVING ROOMS: We use our homes more in the colder months, and with windows and doors closed to trap in heat, dust, dander and mold trapped in with us can cause all kinds of health issues. Before it’s time to batten down the hatches, give all the “details” in the house a thorough cleaning:

    Carpets – Put a new vacuum bag in and completely vacuum the house, then shampoo the carpets.
    Drapes/Blinds – Wash drapes in the washing machine and hang dry (or according to instructions). Vacuum and then hand wipe window blinds.
    Bedding – Wash in HOT water to kill dust mites and bacteria.
    Bathrooms – Deep clean the shower and bath, toilet, sink, floor, and walls where mold tends to grow the fastest (in areas with higher moisture). You can and should also wash your shower curtain, and get rid of any plastic shower curtains with black spotting (mold forming). These are cheap to replace. Grab a new one on Amazon for under or around $10 (like this Mildew Resistant Anti-Bacterial option here!)

  • KITCHENThis is a great time to give your major appliances some attention. Focus especially on cleaning in and around your refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, and microwave. Pull the oven and fridge out to vacuum underneath, where crumbs and food accumulate and hide.

    * PRO-TIP: Be sure to use extra caution using toxic chemicals, especially oven cleaner.  Keep windows open throughout cleaning, and follow directions exactly as recommended!

  • GARAGE:   No one enjoys the thought of cleaning the garage, but if you’re going to do it, now is the time! Make an inventory of what your garage contains, and plan how you’d like to organize the space. Start making a few lists: things to donate, items to trash, items to keep that should be easier to access (ie: items to use during winter, like snow toys, tire chains, Christmas or holiday decor, etc), and items to keep but won’t be needed until the spring. Then get yourself a cold one, and dive in!

    * PRO-TIP: Sweep out each section of the garage as you make your way through. You’ll have a whole new appreciation for your garage once the floors are clear of leaves and dirt!


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