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8 Home To-Dos for a Money Saving, Worry Free Winter

//8 Home To-Dos for a Money Saving, Worry Free Winter

8 Home To-Dos for a Money Saving, Worry Free Winter

Jump into a few key home projects now to prevent headaches throughout the coldest months of the year, and shave dollars off your heating bill!



Doors & Windows

  • Clean your windows inside and out to allow maximum sunlight in during the day. This is not a fun task to do when temps drop to freezing!
  • Check weatherstripping around windows and doors for gaps or leaks, which allows heat to escape, and replace if necessary.
  • Check for drafts near windows and doors. Use caulk inside and outside to keep the heat inside your home.



Roof & Gutters

  • Check for damaged or warped shingles and have them replaced ASAP.
  • Clean gutters, and check that downspouts extend away from the house to prevent foundation flooding and water damage.


Lawn & Garden

  • Trim overgrown tree branches to prevent property damage or a power outages.
  • Make your patio furniture last longer by cleaning, drying, and covering them securely with a tarp, or store them inside your garage or shed to protect them from harsh elements.
  • Remove garden hoses and store them for winter to prolong their life. Wrap and cover your outside faucets to prevent damage.


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