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5 Tasks Smart Home Owners Do Before Winter

//5 Tasks Smart Home Owners Do Before Winter

5 Tasks Smart Home Owners Do Before Winter

Like it or not, winter is upon us. 

Make this season as comfortable as possible while preventing expensive home repairs by crossing off these 5 smart to-dos off your list!




#1:  Better Heat Distribution: Switch Ceiling Fan Direction

Most ceiling fans have a switch to direct the fan blades clockwise or counterclockwise.  Counter-clockwise pushes air down to create a nice breeze, while clockwise sucks air up, helping distribute heat more efficiently.



#2:  Inspect the Fireplace & Get a Chimney Sweep

A professional chimney sweep will ensure your wood-burning fireplace burns efficiently, and most importantly, can prevent chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning!

#3:   Protect Your Outdoor Faucet for $2-$10

An inch of water in your basement can run up a $15,000 bill to pump and dry out.  One way to PREVENT this disaster is by protecting your outdoor faucet, which is very susceptible to freezing over winter.  Remove your garden hose from the faucet and drain it, following up with a faucet protector to keep cold air out over the winter.  

Then make sure all exposed pipes in your garage or unheated basement are insulated.  Use foam plumbing insulation to wrap pipes- a cheap and effective preventative measure!

#4:  Seal Up Leaks

Look for cracks around baseboards, window sills, the dryer vent, and the fireplace — and get them sealed pronto!  The cheapest and simplest option: caulk from your local Ace, Loews, or preferred hardware/home improvement store. 


#5:  Program Your Thermostat

Save your wallet by getting this quick must-do out of the way.  Plan the household temp around when the family is home and away for the day, saving yourself from an unnecessarily high heating bill.  


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