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4 Ways a Cleaner Home Can Improve Your Life

//4 Ways a Cleaner Home Can Improve Your Life

4 Ways a Cleaner Home Can Improve Your Life

It’s a lofty claim, but it’s true. Keeping a clean home can benefit you mentally and physically in many ways.

Today, we’ll focus on four of the ways a cleaner home can improve your life.

1). Less Colds & Allergies:

Bacteria, dust, mold, and all types of dander cause and worsen allergies and asthma. Regular cleaning sessions will greatly decrease the potential for (and frequency of) all types of sickness.

2). Reducing Stress and Fatigue:

When you are surrounded by messes in your home, you are subconsciously reminded of work that needs to be done. Clutter can cause tremendous stress and fatigue. When missing keys or a clothing item takes longer to find, or can’t be found, stress levels rise, increasing your risk for illness.

3). Increased Productivity:

Think of the phrase, “clutter is the enemy of creativity”. Not only is creativity hampered; motivation and productivity are as well. Keeping your home clean gives you literal and mental space to be productive, without the burden of junk distracting you.

4). Improved Diet and Waistline:

Researchers at Cornell University found that a chaotic physical environment may play a role in eating more sweets and high-fat foods. They set up two test kitchens with healthy and unhealthy snacks – one organized and the other messy and disorganized, and found those working in the chaotic kitchen consumed nearly twice as many calories in sweets as those who worked in the organized kitchen.


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